Guideline for ASPIA Membership Application for new participants

Membership of ASPIA shall be open to any company that produces or uses SAP in Asia.
Each applicant for membership must agree to abide by the conditions and obligations that membership entails.


  • To comply with “ASPIA Bylaws" and “ASPIA Antitrust Guidelines"
    (To get these documents, please contact us using our message form.)
  • To agree to our “Understanding on Super Absorbent Polyacrylate Dust Monitoring System in Asia".
    To conduct SAP dust measurements and to adopt the industry guideline according to the aforementioned Understanding.
    (To get this document, please contact us using our message form.)
  • To pay the annual membership fee by the due date.
    (Membership fee in 2011 was 300,000 JPY. The official currency for the membership is Japanese Yen.)
  • The official language of ASPIA is English.

IF ANY COMPANY fully understands and agrees to the requirements cited above, and wishes to apply for membership of ASPIA, please contact us using our message form.